10 Steps to better headshots…

Here’s our ten point guide to get the most out of your Headshots:


  1. Choose your photographer carefully. Your headshots are going to be one of your major tools in contacting Agents & Casting Directors. You want to choose somebody you trust will do a brilliant job.
  2. Speak to them on the phone. All photographers should be happy to speak to you over the phone to discuss your requirements and needs before visiting and will be able to advise you on the best looks. We feel that the best photographers will also ask you to bring photos from previous shoots with you so that they can ask you what you like and dislike and they will also (in some cases) show you their portfolio upon arrival.
  3. Allow a minimum of two hours for your shoot (3-4 is even better.)
  4. Be absolutely clear about what you want. Photographers use various methods to attain a number of different looks from you but you should be really clear in the outset what it is you’re looking for.
  5. Don’t wear too much make up. Headshots should convey you as you really are and ultimately, this is the person that Casting Directors will want to see when you walk through their door at a Casting. If you’re querky looking, it’s pointless trying to look like a super model (believe me, I speak from experience…querky looking I mean, rather than a super model.)
  6. Make sure you get some in colour. Most photographers now at least offer the option of a colour and black and white shoot rather than one or the other. In this increasingly competitive (now digital) world, you have to cover all eventualities – and colour photos are now a necessity.
  7. Choose a hair style (or various hair styles) that you’re happy to stick with for the forseeable future. It’s not going to be good if you decide to dye your hair or cut it all off in a few months time. It won’t look good when you turn up to a casting having adopted a completely different style.
  8. Give yourself options. If there’s the option of doing some shots outside/in a studio – then take them. Give yourself as many possibilities as the photographer can give you.
  9. Don’t blow the budget. Just because a friend has recommended somebody and they paid £500.00 for a shoot, don’t pay this if you simply don’t want to. There are plenty of photographers out there who will do an excellent job for under £250.00. The more you pay, doesn’t necessarily mean better quality in this instance.
  10. Approach the experience positively. Most photographers will be used to dealing with nervous Actors’ who have never been photographed before but that doesn’t mean you should be. You’re on the way to selling your most valuable asset – yourself, so you have to get it right…but try and have some fun too.

Good luck.

Adam (& The Already Labelled Team)


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