Already Labelled is Changing…

2013 has been a great first year for Already Labelled.

We are now changing our service slightly, to serve the performance industry and most importantly, performers better.

Like any business, Already Labelled has had phenomenally busy periods, mostly during the time of Drama School showcases and big industry casting months. We noticed that sending out many sets of labels in one go, may not be serving you in the best way.

If there are a big influx of orders, then it’s great for us – but not necessarily for performers. All of a sudden, industry professionals are inundated with requests from performers across the UK, which would not necessarily be a good thing and may dampen chances of being seen for your dream acting job.

To keep Agents and Casting Directors happy (and from 2014 Producers and Theatre Companies too) we are now offering you some exclusivity.

We are only releasing 50 sets of labels/email databases per week (that’s 50 sets of each labels/email databases) and if you want them, you can apply to receive them at any time on the Already Labelled site by entering your email address. When you do apply, you’ll be sent a free copy of our Ebook ‘Creating an Online Presence for Actors.’

The application process will close at 9pm on Thursday evenings and anybody who applies after this, will go into the process for the following week.

On Friday’s, we will send the first 50 people who applied throughout the week an invitation to purchase labels between 8am-6pm on a Friday and you will be given an exclusive password to access the Already Labelled store. After that time, the online shop will be locked and you will not be able to gain access to it.

The labels will then be on your desk on Monday morning. Email databases will be with you instantly after you’ve ordered.

This now offers you real exclusivity when emailing and writing to Agents and Casting Directors. We believe that this is a step in the right direction to serve you better as performers.

These changes will come into effect very soon and the first ordering date will be Friday 10th January.

We wish you a very wonderful Christmas and extremely prosperous and happy 2014.

All the best,


(& The Already Labelled Team.)

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