Can you write to Casting Directors if you have an Agent?

This seems to be an ongoing topic of conversation, especially to graduates who have recently signed with agents in the UK.

The fact is, Agents don’t have time and it is not necessarily their usual practice to write letters of introductions about new clients to Casting Directors. They are indeed far more busy being Agents (brokering deals for existing clients and responding to Casting Calls from Casting Directors through Spotlight and individual submissions.)

It is unlikely that they will even have time to invite Casting Directors to see you in action in your fringe productions or send invitations to view your showreel. Some agents do and you may wish to check this with them first.

Many agents advise you not to make contact with Casting Directors personally and it is therefore your choice whether you take their advice or not.

Most agents will not mind you writing to Casting Directors with invitations to view your showreel and inviting them to see you in showcases and productions that you’re appearing in but NOT to just send general letters starting with the sentence… ‘I’m just writing to introduce myself’ which if you’ve read many of our blog posts, you will have already seen that this is not necessarily the best way of going about things.

Our advice is, speak to your agent and find out what they would like you to do. If they advise you against writing to Casting Directors, politely ask them to tell you why they don’t advise it. The fact is, if you have something valuable to say (a good showreel/voice reel/production coming up) and there is a good chance that the Casting Director may view it/come and see it then by all means write…but remember they are drowned with submissions on a weekly basis, so be sure to put real thought into the content of your letter.

Feel free to ask questions or post a topic in our new forum – if none of our members reply – we will, as quickly as we can.


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