Casting Director Workshops

Are Casting Director Workshops a good idea? We’ve been asked this question numerous times by various people and our answer is unanimously… ‘Yes.’

The cost is between £25-£60 depending on the length and intensity of the workshop.

There seem to be two workshops that are available:

1) Q+A sessions. This is basically the chance to ask questions to Casting Directors about anything you wish.

2) Workshops. The Casting Director will send you ‘sides’ in advance or you will be offered the opportunity to do a ‘cold read.’ You will then workshop the scene either with a scene partner (which may be predetermined or not) or on your own (if it’s a monologue).

This often culminates in a question and answer session immediately afterwards. This is a fantastic chance not only for a top casting director to put a face to your name (they are far more likely to consider you for castings afterwards having met you – especially if you’ve made a good impression) but also for you to have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and to listen to their questions.

These workshops are often available through the Actors’ guild. See this information here:

Let us know your experiences from these workshops and whether you think they’re a good idea.

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