Changing Agents

Searching for or changing agents?



Changing Agents is never easy.

But it is something that many performers want to do.

Once you’ve made your firm decision, we hope that we can help make your life easier by providing a host of agencies on labels, to save you from handwriting addresses.

We’ve got voice over agencies too, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Apply to be included in this weeks invitations by filling out the simple form below (now we’ve restricted purchases to 50 per week, to give you an even better chance of being seen.)


Apply To Receive Labels

We only release 50 sets of labels/email databases per week. To be in with a chance of receiving them, you just have to fill out this simple form indicating your name and what you would intend to buy. The first 50 will be contacted between 10pm on Thursday and 8am on Friday to give them the exclusive password to purchase. You will then have from 8am-6pm on Friday to purchase and will receive email databases instantly and labels on the following Monday morning.

  • Please note: this is not an obligation to buy. Selecting more products will not increase your chances of being selected.