Get out of your comfort zone – and succeed in the performing arts industry

Here’s a fresh idea for this week in terms of moving your Acting career forward. Try something completely different. A unique approach for getting in touch with Agents and Casting Directors.

A friend of mine runs a successful business in schools where his team ask students to come up with a ‘ridiculous’ idea and then turn it into something more feasible that could actually work and be implemented… Wouldn’t it be good if we applied this principle to the (often) outdated concept of contacting industry professionals?

Here’s an idea:

When a well known Casting Director steps out of their office, I’m going to have a plane fly overhead with …’Name of Casting Director’, don’t miss me in Hamlet at the Old Vic next week, I’ll buy you a ticket’ trailing from the rear and red smoke to be protruding from the aircraft.


Yeah and very expensive.

But it’s not altogether that ridiculous, is it? I can hear you all now saying ‘Adam, that’s not only ridiculous, it’s a bit creepy…’ Well, just before you click off and never read my blogs again, consider this:

  •  Would they attend?
  •  Would it make them laugh?

The answer to both questions is…probably. I’d be surprised if they didn’t come unless they were otherwise engaged because of your massive gesture to get in touch and make such an impression (both stylishly and expensively.) It would also make them laugh (possibly for the wrong reason and out of embarrassment) but it would probably all be received in good taste and humour.

So…let’s make that more sensible…

All you want to do is provide humour and impact…has anyone else provided that this week on any submission they’ve received…? Probably not.

Don’t use this example but think of something similar/better:

Seen those fancy cards on MoonPig and FunkyPigeon? The cards where you can emulate a newspaper report?

What about creating a card with a picture of the plane/message, with exactly the same writing on it and a caption ‘I had planned to do this for real, but I didn’t know what time you left your office.’

Then inside write: ‘I really will buy you a ticket, drop me an email and I’ll arrange one for you if you’re free.’

This isn’t weird or creepy. It’s funny and thoughtful and you’ve gone to extra efforts in personalising your materials that nobody else has thought of before…

When you’ve got something new to say, try it… It could really work!


A word of caution though:


Don’t be really gimmicky. I’ve talked about the tea bags included ‘to sooth you while they read.’ And chocolate for their ‘reading pleasure.’ It doesn’t work…it’s like a bribe.

The aeroplane trail is not a bribe. It’s unique and different and who knows…it could work?!

A friend of mine once sent a picture of a photocopied diary page with the date of her performance circled in red and ‘Name of Actor’s showcase’ written in pen over the date with a picture of her head shot super-imposed next to it. Very different, very clever and guess what? She got an amazing response, even those who couldn’t come emailed to make their excuses.

Unique and different works. Most of the time. Try it and then let us know how you got on.

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