How to Quickly Create Return Address Labels for your Headshots and SAE’s

A great deal of Agents & Casting Directors now ask for stamped-addressed-envelopes to be included with submissions and we would place equal weight with ensuring that your headshots are clearly labelled too.

It is very easy to create return address labels quickly from your desktop, if you have, or have access to a copy of Microsoft Word.

Before you do this make sure:

  • You’ve thoroughly researched the Agents & Casting Directors you’re sending submissions to.
  • You know what the Agent and/or Casting Directors’ policies are regarding returns and stamped-addressed-envelopes.
  • You’ve purchased a set of blank labels to print on (if you need these quickly you can pick them up from a high street stationers, although you’ll get a much better price ordering them from eBay – although this will of course take a few days.)

Creating Return Address Labels Quickly

  1. Open your copy of ‘Microsoft Word’
  2. Click on ‘Mailings’
  3. Select ‘Labels’ from the top left hand corner
  4. Select the tab ‘Labels’
  5. Enter your Name & Address to the box provided
  6. Ensure ‘Full Page of the Same Label’ is selected
  7. Ensure the right size of blank label that you’ve purchased is selected, you can change this by clicking on ‘Labels’ and then either select the correct brand from the drop down list, or you can enter the size of the label manually (please note, this is the size of EACH LABEL in millimeters.)
  8. All you need to do now is click ‘Print’ – make sure you’re printing on the labels, rather than plain paper!

Hope this is helpful in your quest to get noticed, signed and cast – fast by Agents & Casting Directors.

Adam – & the Already Labelled Team


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