So… You want to work in theatre?

We’ve been following the progress of this book for some time and are so pleased that it’s now been released.

It is written by Susan Elkin and is available from Nick Hern Books now. Susan was kind enough to say some lovely comments about Already Labelled and we were fortunate enough to meet her at the ‘Surviving Actors’ event in February. Susan is the Education Editor at the stage and not a day goes by when she isn’t visiting a drama school or attending a performance to write a review. She is incredibly influential about the education in theatre across the UK and her opinion is valued by us and so many in the theatrical world. At the same time as buying the book, you should follow her on Twitter @SusanElkinJourn - especially if you are currently training, or plan to train at a drama school in the UK.

Susan’s latest book “So You Want To Work In Theatre?” is an ‘essential guide’ for young people who want to work in the industry.

Here’s what reads from the blurb on the Nick Hern Books website:

“Using her expertise as Education and Training Editor for The Stage, Susan Elkin encourages aspiring theatre-makers and workers to look beyond acting to some of the other behind-the-scenes options available: playwriting, directing, producing, designing, stage management, administration, publicity, front-of-house, stage door…And, for those of you who really must, the book does cover how to get into acting too.”

We strongly recommend you order yourselves a copy. You can do so here

Susan has written over 30 books and is a freelance journalist for many major newspapers as well as continuing her work with The Stage.

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