Top 10 Apps for Actors

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Here are our top 10 apps for Actors, available across all platforms. We think they make your acting life easier…


1. Evernote

Evernote is probably the most useful tool for everybody working from home or on-the-go. It is completely free and allows you to sync information across all of your devices. You can upload scripts onto it, download cuttings from webpages, use it to read articles and information when you’re travelling, write your rehearsal notes on it. The possibilities are completely endless. With the iPad, you are also able to take advantage of multiple free add ons that mean you can handwrite sketches, notate scripts/articles and save it directly to evernote. Save something on your computer and read it on your phone later. A must have for performers.

2. SignEasy

SignEasy does have a free version but it is limited. The paid version is relatively inexpensive though. SignEasy takes a digital print of your signature, initials and the date and allows you to signed email documents and email them back in seconds. Perfect if you’re working with contracts that may change or be updated. It does away with having to print off a document, read through it, sign it and then post it back to them/scan it in and email it back.



3. IMDb

Here remains a useful resource for finding out the details of films and television programmes, can keep you updated with what’s going on in the British Film and Television scene. Not an essential tool but useful to find out who’s casting what, when?!






4. Rehearsal

Rehearsal is a resource that most performers probably know about by now and would not be a valuable tool for a traditional person who still loves a highlighter and a dictaphone. It does have a price tag attached to it, but it is cheaper than a set of highlighters and a dictaphone! It allows you to upload your script to it, highlight your lines and learn them by recording your own lines, the lines of other characters and then does some very clever things with them during the learning process. Well worth a look.


5. Receipts HD

If you’ve established good accounting procedures then this app is perhaps not for you. It is however, for you if you loathe the process of collating receipts and keeping track of them. It allows you to take photos of every receipt and send yourself a PDF copy of them as often as you like. You can group receipts into categories and it saves you having to keep boxes of envelopes under your bed. You must check with your accountant that they accept them in this digital way before you put the bags in the recycling.







A must have app for anybody as you can find word definitions in seconds. Perfect for when you’re reading a new play that you’re auditioning for. Save yourself having to carry the thesaurus around with you and just download this app instead.







 7. Sticky Notes 

Some people don’t like having post it type notes all around the house to remind them of certain tasks but this nifty app allows you to create various task boards and stick notes on them. All of the notes are malleable and moveable and easy to delete if you need to do that. Quite a good idea if you’re collating ideas and concepts all in one place.






 8. HootSuite

If you constantly keep people up-to-date across social media platforms, then HootSuite is a wise choice. You can add all of your social media accounts to it and what’s particularly brilliant is that you can set posts to be published at a later date.







9. Shakespeare

This app hosts all of the bards plays in the free version with the option to download add-ons for a glossary. Access any speech or scene at any time. Don’t throw away the hard copy on the bookshelf though, there’s something nice about having a hard copy of the complete works at your disposal.






10. National Rail

You may already have this app. Find out any train details in the UK at any given time. It has a really user friendly interface and is quick to use. It’s completely free to use.

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