Who's on the Casting List?

Who’s on the lists

There’s no mystery as to the contents of our Casting Director list, It’s not secret ‘industry’ information that only we have access to.

We spent many hours manually sourcing and verifying all of our Casting Director contacts using the same resources that any graduating or working actor would use, most of which you’re bound to have either seen, read or own.

The difference is that we have collated these Casting Directors’ addresses, verified them and then produced them on easy to use labels and email databases.

Below are all the contacts you would receive on our ‘Casting Director Labels’. You’re welcome to use them, Google them and grab their addresses – we’re sure it won’t take too many manually addressed envelopes before you realise just what a great resource ‘Already Labelled’ is to the acting community. Enjoy.

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Casting Directors’

Pippa Ailion
Shaheen Baig
Derek Barnes – BBC
Briony Barnett
Brendan McNamara
Rowland Beckley – BBC
Lucy Bevan
Maureen Bewick
Sarah Bird
Siobhan Bracke
John Cannon – BBC
Carol Dudley
Michael Syers
Moira Townsend
Suzy Catliff
Urvashi Chand
Alison Chard
Beth Charkham
Andrea Clark
Ben Cogan
Ellie Collyer-Bristow
Lin Cordoray
Irene Cotton
Julia Crampsie
Louise Cross
Suzanne Crowley
Gary Davy
Gabrielle Dawes
Stephanie Dawes
Kate Day
Laura Dickens
Kate Dowd
Malcolm Drury
Julia Duff
Maureen Duff
Chloe Emmerson
Richard Evans
Susie Figgis
Celestia Fox
Sandy Tedford
Amanda Frend
Caroline Funnell
Natasha Gane
Nina Gold
Angela Grosvenor
Janet Hall
Louis Hammond
Jo Hawes
Serena Hill
Polly Hootkins
Julia Horan
Sylvia Hughes
Jennifer Jaffrey
Sooki McShane
Paul Hunt
Priscilla John
Marilyn Johnson
Doreen Jones
Lenka Jones
Jerry Knight-Smith
Beatrice Kruger
Greg Kyle
Clair Haynes
Maggie Lunn
Kay Magson
Chrissie McMurrich
Thea Meulenberg
Frank Moiselle
Nuala Moiselle
Stephen Moore – BBC
Adam Morley
Melika Morrison
Sue Needleman
Belinda Norcliffe
Sophie North
Debbie O’Brien
Orla O’Connor
Rory O’Donnell
Kate Plantin
Carl Proctor
Andy Pryor
Gennie Radcliffe
Liora Reich
Simone Reynolds
Kate Rhodes James
Ilisa Richter
Dionne Rose
Neil Rutherford
Jane Salberg
Ginny Schiler
Laura Scot
Phil Shaw
Suzanne Smith
Alison Solomon
Penny Burrows
Aaron Stafford
Helen Stafford
Danny Stevens Millefiorini
Liz Stoll – BBC
Lucinda Syson
Nicci Topping
Jill Trevellick
Sally Vaughan
Fiona Weir
Matt Western
Toby Whale
Vicky Wildman
Catherine Willis
1066 Productions
ACA Casting
Northern Spirit Creative (Casting)
All Directions Of London
Jim Arnold Casting
Ashton Hinkinson Casting
Lesley Beastall Casting
Lauren Beauchamp Casting
Leila Bertrand Casting
Candid Casting
The Casting Angels
Sam Claypole Casting
Lou Clouter Casting
Jayne Collins Casting
Kahleen Crawford Casting
The Crocodile Casting Company
Sarah Crowe Casting
Jane Deitch Associates
Dowling Erdely Casting
Irene East Casting
EH7 Casting
EJ Casting
The Eye Casting
Ali Fearnley Casting
Bunny Fildes Casting
Jane Frisby Casting
Tracey Gilham Casting
Tamara Gillon Casting
Miranda Gooch Casting
Jill Green Casting
Francesca Greene Casting
Julie Harkin Casting
Gillian Hawser Casting
HB Casting
Hubbard Casting
In House Casting
Janis Jaffa Casting
Jina Jay Casting
Jenkins McShane Casting
Alex Johnson Casting
Just Casting
Kate & Lou Casting
Anna Kennedy Casting Ltd
Beverley Keogh Casting Ltd
Khando Casting
Belinda King Casting
Cassandra King Casting
Nana Klimek Casting
Larca Ltd
Lip Service Casting Ltd
Mad Dog Casting Ltd
Heather March Casting
Carolyn McLeod Casting
The Royal Shakespeare Company – Hannah Miller
Andy Morgan Casting
Murphy Charpentier Casting
National Theatre Casting Department
Susie Parriss Casting
Tree Petts Casting
Gillian Reynolds Casting
Sasha Robertson Casting
Amy Rowan Casting
Annie Rowe Casting
European Casting Service
The Searchers
Select Casting Ltd
Debbie Shepherd Casting
SID Productions
Sandra Singer Associates
Michelle Smith Casting Ltd
Gail Stevens Casting
Mark Summers Casting
VHJ Casting
Anne Vosser Casting
Youngstar Casting
Jeremy Zimmermann Casting